A 2D die fee (includes both dies/sides, add 3D for an additional charge per side.)

In order to make a challenge coin, two dies must first be created from your
approved artwork. Our challenge coins are die struck, not die cast.*

Once the dies are made they are kept on hand for reorders.
Just submit another order in the future and the turnaround time is less than 30 days.

Special shape coins use the next size die fee.

** Please read http://www.coinable.net/tos.html for free shipping terms.

*Some designs may require die-cast zinc alloy

The design (2-D or 3-D,) DOES NOT affect the pricing of the per coin cost, just the die fee.

500 coins or more FREE DIE FEE.

SIZE 3-D human, building, anything sculpted into the die 2-D
1.56" Add $100.00 per side $100.00
1.75" Add $100.00 per side $125.00
2" Add $100.00 per side $150.00

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* Please read http://coinable.com/tos.html for free shipping terms.