Purchase Orders and Solicitation Contracts:

- Do ask for an accurate delivery time.
- Do ask for an accurate quote.
- Complete everything in full detail on the contract.
- Please submit a signed contract outlining the order.
- Payment will be due as a NET30 with no exceptions after delivery is made via USPS Priority.
- After receipt of the contract and a returned copy with our
acceptance and signature, we will begin our service.
- If any changes occur during the use of our service that may
affect the total cost, full production will not begin until a
new amended contract is issued and signed.
- Penalties will occur for late payment as 5% of the total order,
per day past due.
- Please also complete with credit card information and attach our order form as part of the contract, no credit card information means we will not accept the order. If you would like to secure the order with a checking account, please complete this order form:. The credit card or bank account will not be charged as long as the order is not cancelled.
- Address the contract number on the order form as the
customer ID.
- Contracts that are incomplete of the above items will be
(Effective June 1st, 2013: An additional 10% of the total bill will be added to any and all purchase orders and contracts. Payment on orders are due upon approval of the artwork or before any reorder. Payment can be made by: credit card, check or money order. To avoid this fee use one of the previous payment methods.)